By starting now your can spread your redistricting expenses across multiple budget years reducing the fiscal impact on any single year.  Being ready on "Day One" of the 2010 Census release means you will have documentation of these pre-process activities as tangible evidence of early commitment to doing things properly. In turn this will improve your ability to anticipate and preempt expensive challenges at a time when the Department of Justice is increasing its scrutiny of the re-districting process.

RAS is ready to help you prepare for the upcoming re-districting process.  RAS maintains current and historical election data along with the software and electoral analysis experience to guide you the maze of statistical, demographic and geographic challenges that confront your 2010 re-districting efforts.

Pre-Redistricting Package*

1. Gather, map and analyze socio-economic data about your jurisdiction, by Census Tract.


2. Create GIS-compatible database of election canvass data, Primary and General, 2002 to 2008.  This includes:


     Number of Ballots Cast

     How your electorate voted in all contests within your jurisdiction:

  • U. S. President

  • U. S. Senate and House of Representatives

  • Arizona Senate and House of Representatives

  • Arizona statewide offices

  • County Supervisor

  • County-wide offices

  • School boards

  • Other special purpose district elections (fire, improvement, irrigation)

  • Propositions

3.  Identify race and ethnicity of all candidates.


4.  Create GIS maps of precincts and districts used in election cycles 2002 through 2008.


5.  Identify and map communities of interest.


6.  Research and identify potential participants

  • News organizations

  • Civic organizations

7.  Make a preliminary determination of the extent of racially polarized voting within your jurisdiction.


8.  Conduct a review of potential U. S. Department of Justice pre-clearance ‘hazards’.


9.  Establish a plan for the redistricting process.


10.  Provide detailed consultant’s report on preparation tasks activities.


* Listed services may be purchased as a package or separately.