Expert Opinion and Testimony

As a member of the Forensic Expert Witness Association, RAS Principal Tony Sissons is well versed in court procedures and the expectations of legal teams.  Mr. Sissons is experienced in giving depositions and testimony in state and federal courts. 


Perkins Coie-Brown & Bain Law Firm, Phoenix AZ – Demographic analysis services in connection with Vail et al. v. Tusayan litigation, 2009. 

Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Washington DC – Geo-demographic consulting services and expert testimony in connection with The Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc., et al. vs. Jan Brewer litigation in US District Court, 2006.

Gary Lassen Law Firm, Scottsdale AZ – Demographic research, deposition and court testimony as defense expert in Town of Gilbert vs. Maricopa County (CV2006-004754), in Superior Court, 2006.

Perkins Coie-Brown & Bain Law Firm – Geo-demographic consulting to plaintiff parties on competitiveness challenge to the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission’s map of Arizona Legislative Districts; court testimony as an expert witness on redistricting principles and practices, 2004.

City of Flagstaff, AZ – Preparation of legislative maps for submission to the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission; consulting on geo-demographics; court testimony as an expert witness, 2004.

Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest – Roosevelt vs. Keegan (CV91-13087), retained by plaintiff school districts to calculate statewide costs to bring school facilities up to particular building condition standards, using condition and square-footage data provided by the Legislature’s consultant, 1996.

Jennings, Strouss & Salmon Law Firm – Smith vs. Salt River Project (CIV94-0118 PHX SMM), U. S. District Court – engaged to assist SRP’s legal team in their defense of the utility against a lawsuit charging that SRP’s method of electing board members, based upon land ownership, was in violation of the federal Voting Rights Act; provided demographic and statistical analysis of census data and voting behavior, 1995.

Lewis & Roca Law Firm, Phoenix AZ – Arizonans for Fair Representation vs. Symington,,  U.S. District Court Three-Judge Panel – after testifying as a fact witness, retained by the Court to help the judges with the computer technical aspects of creating a court-drawn congressional districts plan, 1991.