Experience Counts!

Research Advisory Services (RAS) is a public policy and demographic research consulting firm offering a broad range of services to support strategy decisions by government, business and non-profit organizations. Established in 1987, RAS applies

  • expertise in research methods

  • evaluation techniques

  • quantitative analysis

  • statistical inquiry

Well-researched facts and substantiated conclusions are key to gaining the credibility needed to achieve desired results.  RAS is respected statewide as an authority in helping decision-makers get the answers they need using reliable and defendable data.  RAS works closely with its clients in helping them represent their interests to state and local policy-makers with research findings that are compelling and factually sound. 

RAS has developed sophisticated techniques for simplifying voluminous databases by

  • Examining and displaying statistical relationships between variables,

  • Using proprietary methods for identifying and extracting relevant data, and

  • Creating thematic maps to display the geographic distribution of demographic data.

RAS has amassed a large holding of Arizona-focused data files, computer models, GIS layers and analysis methods.  We hit the ground running, with minimal time lost in assembling resources.  That means two things for our clients:

We offer competitive pricing for our services, and no job is too small for us to handle economically.